Phillips Pet Food & Supplies will begin distribution of the full line of Rockster Superfood canned dog food starting April 1, 2019.

Hailed as “more than just food” in Europe, the super-premium, organic food offers life-enhancing nutrition and will be available for the first time in America exclusively through all Phillips’ distribution centers, located in: Arizona, California (Anaheim and Sacramento), Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas. Phillips will begin pre-booking for Rockster at the end of February.

The Rockster story is fascinating and full of love. Owners Zoe and Sven Ley were on their honeymoon when they found a dying street dog on the steps of La Conca del Sogno, south of Naples, Italy. The dog captured their hearts. They rescued him and named him “The Rockster.” Soon they discovered The Rockster would not eat commercial food, so their journey began to create life-enhancing dog food for their beloved mutt. The Leys harnessed nutritional science and nature to extend the life of their dog, but they never imagined the superfood they created would transform the lives of so many dogs and be sold on several continents. Rockster was created based on the theories around the importance of gut and digestive health, including removing traces of antibiotics from the diet. It has worked magically for The Rockster, who is now entering his third decade and fathered puppies only two years ago.

“When we set out to harness nutritional science and nature to create the world’s first superfood for our dog, we never imagined that it would transform the lives of so many other dogs,” says Zoe Ley. “What we feed our pet is the single most important decision dog owners make, yet the startling rise of diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer means owners must address what is in their pet’s diets and how the food really is made. The Rockster Superfood was chosen by Phillips as one of its innovation brands. That gives testimony to Phillips’ commitment to innovation and to helping American dogs live longer.”

“Phillips is excited to be working with the Leys to bring the super-premium Rockster brand exclusively to our customers in the United States,” says Elizabeth Thibodeau, Vice President, Merchandising & Marketing for Phillips Pet Food & Supplies. “The Rockster story and the development of this family-operated company are inspiring. The pet industry, influenced by human health and wellness trends, is seeing more health-focused products like Rockster, which is committed to transparency, traceability and the highest quality ingredients.”

Rockster’s canned dog foods offer:

Certified Human-Grade Bio-Quality Ingredients: Rockster is made in a bio-organic accredited pet food facility. It is made with only human-grade ingredients, certified to be free of any exposure to antibiotics, chemicals, growth hormones, pesticides and steroids. There is no contamination from feed-grade ingredients, and the foods are GMO-free and certified organic. Bio refers to the highest European organic standard, which has strict criteria.

Transparency and Traceability: Rockster’s bio-certification guarantees quality and purity of ingredients, including what the ingredients have been exposed to and ingested. The foods are the first in the U.S. to disclose 100 percent of the ingredients (including which part of the animal) and in what percentage.

Bio-Superfoods with Prebiotics: Rather than fillers, Rockster products are enhanced with bio-organic plant-based superfoods, including organic prebiotics. The prebiotics are added in careful combinations and meaningful quantities to make a difference to a dog’s health and positively nurture the gut microbiome. Plus, the prebiotics combined with up to 87 percent organic meats make the food naturally tasty.

Anti-oxidants: Due to the inclusion of certain superfoods rarely found in pet food, the anti-oxidant levels are up to 20 times higher than many other commercial pet foods, averaging more than 2,000 ORAC per recipe.

Cooking Process: Rockster is gently poached from raw in the can at lower temperatures, mirroring sous-vide cooking methods. This means Rockster products are not exposed to high temperatures or oxygen, thus ensuring higher preservation of nutrients and flavor while eliminating bacteria or the need for preservatives.

Single Protein Formulas: For dogs prone to allergies, Rockster products are hypoallergenic, single-protein formulas, without risk of contamination from other protein sources. All recipes are grain and gluten free.

Packaging: All cans are certified to be 100 percent BPA free and fully recyclable, and production is CO2 neutral.

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