As pet parents increasingly demand pet foods that are free of preservatives and artificial ingredients, sales of temperature-controlled, natural nutrition is growing. Fresh and frozen pet food (refrigerated fresh and raw frozen) grew by 263 percent from 2011 to 2017*.

Adding a freezer and refrigerated unit allows you to differentiate your store from online competitors, who have difficulty shipping these products. Fresh pet foods can be compared to a grocer’s bread, eggs and milk basics – they require frequent in-store visits to restock. Expect increased foot traffic when you carry brands such as Freshpet® Vital®, only available in Pet Specialty and natural/organic grocers.

Fresh and frozen pet foods typically have a higher margin and offer:
• Opportunities for complete nutrition diets
• Ancestral, high-protein, limited-ingredient diets
• Minimal or no processing to reduce the loss of essential nutrients
• No preservatives, additives, artificial ingredients, fillers

In addition to convenience, the fresh food advantages include quality ingredients that are steamed or cooked at low temperatures to protect the integrity of the nutrition. Frozen food is raw, with the nutrition nature intended for dog and cats.

As more consumers become pet-health conscious, temperature controlled products for full meals, mixers or kibble are important to each retailer’s assortment.

*GfK market research

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