By: Todd Shelton, CEO, Phillips Pet Food & Supplies

This blog is based on a presentation that Todd Shelton made as a Keynote Speaker at AlignedCon, a Promoboxx Industry Conference, in early October 2018.

The way consumers shop for everything from household goods, to fashion, groceries and even pet supplies is evolving rapidly. With 90 percent of U.S. adults using the internet, it is not surprising that online sales in this country grew from 11.6% of total retail sales in 2016 to 13% in 2017.

In the United States, $4 out of every $10 spent online is with Amazon, and 80 percent of online growth comes from Amazon sales. Amazon’s 100 million Prime members globally (~64% of U.S. households) crave the convenience of shopping from home and expect home delivery. While some brick and mortar stores are still seeing healthy same-store sales growth, many are working to compete in the digital retail landscape to capture more of their customers’ pet spend.

It’s as simple as this: Pet specialty stores can meet customers where they are – which is increasingly online. Creating an online presence for your retail brand is a great start, yet today’s consumer demands more. They expect an experience consistent with your store experience: great knowledge and expertise, a broad selection and the ability to buy what they are looking for – right now. In some cases, that experience happens in the store, while other times it happens with delivery. It’s their call. Many consumers prefer pet specialty, but they have many choices and crave convenience. Your online presence can be the medium through which you increase engagement and retention of your customers.

Endless Aisles®: A “Selection and Convenience” Solution

If you want help leveraging your limited time and resources, hopefully you’ve heard about Endless Aisles®, which helps retailers stay competitive by supporting digital merchandising and order fulfillment with easy-to-use technology. Endless Aisles® is a new way for customers to shop with YOU while offering them the convenience they crave.

Endless Aisles® provides a web portal to place special orders in-store (for drop-ship deliveries to customers’ doorsteps), but can also integrate with your e-commerce site.

Endless Marketing™ Powered by Promoboxx: A Digital Marketing Platform to Save Time, Increase Customer Engagement and Drive Sales

Digital marketing to consumers takes time and access to great content. The team that built Endless Aisles® recently launched an exciting retailer marketing portfolio called Endless Marketing™ powered by Promoboxx. The first capability provides digital marketing tools at no extra cost to retailers. With just a few clicks, retailers can select from engaging pet content and brand-approved campaigns, customize that content for their local markets, and publish it immediately or schedule it to be posted at a later time. Retailers have access to an app to publish campaigns from their phones. It’s simple and effective for any retailer who signs up for Endless Marketing™.

Leading retailers recognize that managing an e-commerce site, email marketing and social media is critical, yet time-consuming when added to store operations. With the collective tools and resources provided by Endless Aisles®, and now Endless Marketing™, retailers can simplify their workload and amplify their impact with their best customers.

Creating a dynamic, omnichannel presence will help you retain existing customers, access more of their current spend and add loyal new customers to your great retail operation. Growth opportunities are available…they’re your customers!

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies